When we started Botsquad 3 years ago we set out to build THE best integrated development environment (IDE) for building conversational experiences. Using Bubblescript as a simple programming language you can develop sophisticated conversations in a modular and maintainable way.

Over the last years we developed solutions for many clients and added many features to the platform along the way. Today, over 75 releases later, our platform is one of the most versatile and powerful conversational platforms on the market.

In our search for partners to help us scale up, we got acquainted with Voiceworks at the beginning of this year and soon found a good fit for our products within their partner network. Eventually, the talks about our cooperation led to the acquisition of Botsquad by the mother company of Voiceworks, Enreach - which is backed by the investment firm Waterland.

We are very happy with this next step in the growth and expansion of our company.

As part of Enreach we will continue to develop our technology, making voice experiences a first class citizen in our platform. We have just released a first version of our SIP telephony integration that allows you to build smart IVRs. If you want to try this channel or want a demonstration of it, please contact us.

We would like to thank our users, partners and clients who helped us get to where we are today. We hope to continue our journey with you in the years to come.

Anne, Arjan, Jim and Niels

The Botsquad team

Read the Enreach press release for more information

Anne Bakker

Anne Bakker

Co-founder Botsquad

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