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Why Botsquad?

We have over 3 years of experience with the design, delivery and operations of a wide variety of conversational apps.

Batteries included

We start every new project from a blueprint bot that already has basic training incorporated. The more conversations, the smarter it gets. This way, customers can benefit from a lot of value for just a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise grade

We run all our services in the Google Cloud (Netherlands), providing a solid and scalable platform that is ISO certified and GDPR compliant. To provide the best in class Artificial Intelligence we have deep integrations with Google AI services like Dialogflow and Cloud ML.

Platform as a Service

All the conversational Apps we deliver are built upon a solid platform foundation that offers all the features you need to operate bots as well as a studio to design and develop bots. Are bots are delivered open source meaning you can extend and (further) develop them in-house if you like to.

Kickstart the conversation

Let's find out what conversational AI can do for your business!

Let us help you jumpstart your conversational project from ideation, to design and implementation. Using our expertise and proven blueprints we can deliver production ready solutions in a matter of weeks.

  1. Turn your idea into a working prototype in 1 day to validate your ideas and help build your business case.
  2. A first MVP in 1 week so you can actually start getting market feedback to proof your case.
  3. Continuously learn and improve your conversational app with our Botsquad Lifecycle Subscription.

We would love to hear about your ideas!

Supported channels

We support a wide variety of channels on which conversations can take place. From basic web-based chat to smart IVR systems.

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Google Assistant


Twilio Voice

Facebook Messenger




Hangouts Chat


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