With more than 2 billion social messaging users out there, we believe that businesses should be responding to their customers using the same direct, personal and convenient interface. Existing solutions like Intercom and LiveChat are successfully applying this convenient way of interfacing to websites, but they come with a price.

Operating these tools requires manpower, and who wants to answer the same questions over and over again? How to deal with 24x7 availability, with sudden peaks? How to have all relevant data at hand exactly when you need them to respond correctly to your customers? How do you manage all these conversations over all your different messaging channels?

With the rapid evolution of AI, there are opportunities now to address these challenges. Using chatbots, most of your digital conversations can be completely or at least partially automated. We personally feel that the power of conversational interfaces combined with AI will lead us into the next wave of the Digital Revolution!

Why Botsquad?

We, as an online agency, felt there was no good platform out there that really fitted our needs. For our customers we needed a reliable platform that enables us to quickly release powerful conversational apps, that reliably and easily integrate with other systems and require no maintenance.

In our journey we tried all kinds of solutions, varying from simple UI chatbot builders to large and complex frameworks on full stack development environments. They all came short. In either capabilities, learning curve, complexity and reliability. 

With Botsquad you have a platform as robust as Whatsapp, being built on the same technology stack, as easy to learn as say, ask and show, but as powerful as any full stack development platform.  


We believe in microbots, conversational apps with a clear purpose, seamlessly integrated with other systems to translate user dialogs into real actions. Build your own ‘squad’ of bots by applying one or more of the 15 example bots you get for free and transform them into the bots you’ll need for your business. If you need our help, just let us know. Together with our partner network, we can guide you in building and operating your microbots.

Start today by signing up and have fun building your own microbots!

Niels Wildenberg

Niels Wildenberg

Co-founder Botsquad

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