Last night I gave a presentation about the architecture of the Botsquad platform to the Elixir Amsterdam meetup. I was asked to post the slides online, so here they are:

The first half of the presentation is about Botsquad, how the platform works and how it is built up as an Elixir project. It goes into detail on the various OTP applications that make up the project, and especially focuses on the architecture of the main chat process and its surroundings.

The second half is about the Botlang language itself. With the working title botsi, the language uses the Elixir syntax to construct and validate an AST which then gets interpreted and contained in an Elixir process. Over the coming months I will be posting more about botsi, using the above presentation as the guide to a series of blogposts about how to create your own interpreter using Elixir.

Presenting at the Elixir.AMS meetup

The presentation went well, and was very well received. As far as I could tell, the audience was captivated, especially in the second, more technical part. However, but it turned out it was way too long, it could easily be split into 2 presentations. I’ll keep this in mind for my next presentation :-)

Arjan Scherpenisse

Arjan Scherpenisse

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