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About Botsquad

We build conversational interfaces.

Our beliefs

We strongly believe Conversational AI is here to stay. And that's why we are dedicated to create the best conversational experiences for your customers.

Conversational is the next step for companies to communicate with tomorrow's customers. Enabling your customers to engage anytime and everywhere, without delays, in the most convenient way possible, to translate user dialogs into real actions.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring companies and their customers closer together so they get more value out of their relation. We believe we can contribute to that mission by providing the best possible platform for building and hosting the next generation chatbots: Conversational Apps.


Botsquad was founded in 2017 out of frustration building conversational experiences with "no programming required" chatbot platforms: using a visual flow builder quickly limits you and as a developer you are used to powerful tooling.

Using developer frameworks on the other hand require a lot of bootstrapping to get going and you end up having to manage everything yourself. Botsquad aims to provide both: easy to use powerful tooling on a managed platform.