At the end of this month, november 30th, the CodeBEAM conference series lands in Amsterdam for a one-day CodeBEAM Lite conference.

Organised by CodeSync (formerly Erlang Solutions), and in cooperation with local partners Botsquad and Kabisa, it is going to be a fantastic day, packed with talks around Erlang and Elixir, the programming languages that run on the BEAM VM.

Why “Lite”?

The Lite in CodeBEAM Lite refers to the fact that, unlike its big siblings CodeBEAM SF and CodeBEAM STO, the Lite satellite events are only one day and more focussed on a local audience, in cooperation with local partners and sponsors.

However, we’ve put the Lite in quotation marks here because it does not do justice to the conference. In fact, like the conference program shows, 8 out of the 13 speakers are coming from abroad just for this conference!

Furthermore, the venue will also contribute to a great conference experience. The Lloyd hotel is a beautiful location to spend the day. Built in 1918, and founded as a hotel, it initially housed travelling immigrants. Later, it was used as a detention centre and was also home to artists’ studios before becoming a hotel again. It is an official national monument of the Netherlands, and the interior is marvelous art-nouveau style, like the picture shows.

Program highlights

We have 13 (!) great talks lined up. That sounds like a lot, but most talks are 20 minutes, so that we can cover a broad range of topics, ranging from beginner’s talks to advanced topics. We’ve highlighted two speakers from the program here, Sanne and Thomas.

Who takes out your trash? - Sanne Kalkman

Sanne is a former teacher turned software engineer. Currently, she works at TELE2 in Amsterdam.

Her talk is a friendly introduction and an overview of the important aspects of garbage collection algorithms. It is specifically meant to be accessible to developers of all levels and you’ll walk away with an understanding of and appreciation for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Automatically generating your tests from a specification - Thomas Arts

Thomas Arts, co-founder and CTO of Quviq, has an academic background with a PhD in theoretical computer science.

Property Based Testing enables developers to generate tests from specifications. It enables them to find errors at an earlier stage, lowering costs and improving quality as a result. In this talk, Thomas Arts will use examples to show how to get from a purely syntactic API specification to a specification that can be used to test a simple stateful web service. We will see how shrinking finds tiny examples that provoke errors, making the step from observing a bug to diagnosing it very short indeed.

Thanks and tickets

Thank you for reading through this post, we hope you find it inspiring. To purchase a ticket, use the following link:

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We look forward to seeing you November 30th in Amsterdam!

The conference organisers,

Tonći, Timmo, Barbara and Arjan

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Arjan Scherpenisse

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