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  • CalendarBot 2.0

    Planning a meeting is always a hassle. At least for me it is. You send an e-mail to the person you want the meeting with: “Shall we meet some time?”. He replies “Yeah sure, let’s meet Monday 12 march at 15.00 in your office”. You forget to respond and after three days you check your calendar and reply: “Sure! See you next Monday”. But since three days passed the slot filled up with something else so two days later you get the negative response “Sorry, slot already filled up, what about next Monday?”. Working this way can cause meetings to be scheduled over weeks instead of days, costing everybody time, money and aggravation… 

  • Implementing a caching service worker with Phoenix

    At BotSquad, we believe that Bots are the new apps. And since we support a web interface to interact with a bot, we need that web interface to be as app-like as possible. Luckily, Google has largely the same vision, which has resulted in their Progressive Web App (PWA) effort.

  • Elixir.Amsterdam meetup presentation

    Last night I gave a presentation about the architecture of the Botsquad platform to the Elixir Amsterdam meetup. I was asked to post the slides online, so here they are:

  • Join the Conversational Revolution!

    With more than 2 billion social messaging users out there, we believe that businesses should be responding to their customers using the same direct, personal and convenient interface. Existing solutions like Intercom and LiveChat are successfully applying this convenient way of interfacing to websites, but they come with a price.