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Open source DSL • Cloud IDE • Multi-channel integration

Conversational DSL

The Botsquad Conversational DSL is a specialized, easy to learn language with a clean, ruby-like syntax

It ships with an extensive library of builtin functions

Bubblescript, like the rest of our stack, is based on Elixir and Erlang, to provide a rock-solid runtime

The language interpreter is open source — allowing you to develop bots locally with no vendor lock-in *

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Botsquad Cloud IDE

The Botsquad Cloud IDE provides Live preview, hot code reloading and publishing

The IDE comes with an advanced code editor, with auto-indentation and contextual navigation, Context-sensitive code snippets

Also providing: Live debugging, run-from-line, variable window, logging

Bots are file-based, integrate with git *

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Multi-channel integration

All major chatbot platforms are supported - FB messenger, Telegram, Slack, Twitter *

Host conversations on our full Convesational Web hosting on integrate into your own site using our SDK

Customize the look & feel of the web chat from within the studio

Communicate between the hosting client and the conversation with the integrated event system

On the roadmap: React Native support, iOS (Swift), Android (Java)

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Feature highlights

Conversational Web

Build full screen conversational websites

Integrated NLP

Use Natural Language Processing to map user messages to intents

Gallery / list widgets

All Facebook Messenger templates supported


Persistent menu with frequently used options

QR code

share a QR code to launch a conversation

Location triggers

send and receive location updates

Media widgets

show images, video, audio, geo location


integrate with single sign-on providers

Multi process

coordinate amongst chat users

HTTP requests

interface with external API’s


integrated query language for scoring, sorting and filtering


allow external parties to hook into the conversation


send transactional emails from within the bot

Automated testing

write “counter-scripts” to test the bot's behaviour *


develop locally, push to deploy *

* = coming soon

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