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Botsquad Partner Program

Join the Conversational Revolution and partner up with us!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! - Hellen Keller

We want you to implement

We focus on delivering a best of breed Conversational Platform, but you’re the ones working with your customers in implementing it. You will lead the project and it will be your employees implementing the solution.

You are not alone!

We are here to help you sell, implement and support our state of the art solutions for your customers. We will provide you with training, product documentation and in-product help.

You focus on your customer we take care of the technology!

Botsquad cares about your implementation and your customers as much as you do. We will make sure your environments keep on spinning. You don't need to worry about scaling and technical maintenance, we'll take care of all that. You just focus on making your customers happy!

Feel free to contact us for questions or onboarding.